If the people you are looking for exist, we will find them.
If they don’t come to us, we will approach them.

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Go beyond your reference frame to better find the executive profile you want.

The direct approach, commonly known as “headhunting”, is becoming essential when there are few or very solicited potential candidates. We proceed with as much insight, confidentiality, technic and argument as possible to convince a candidate who is not necessarily looking for a change in his/her career.

It occurs with business leaders and senior executive but also with rare and very specialized occupations.

Since 2002, Theodore Search is an independent consultancy specialized in direct approach of Executives, Experts and Managers. Our method relies on finding directly the candidate where he is, with the help of a well-defined profile.

Ethics and respect are the foundation of our candidate relationship. Theodore Search focuses on exchange, transparency and rigor in its approach and selection. As a historical member of A Compétence Égale association, we are committed to respecting your identity.

Theodore Search has been recognized as the “Best recruitment firm 2021 in Executive Search and Managers & Experts” by the newspaper Les Echos.

What is Theodore ?
Peinture Theodore Search
Peinture Theodore Search

For you, people with talent

Motivation, involvement and skills of a high potential executive are the keys to success for a business whether you are a start-up, a SME or and international group.

That is the thinking behind the creation of Theodore Search in 2002, recruitment firm located in Rennes and Paris, positioned on the search of Executives, Experts and Managers.

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